Three recipes and a pity party


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smiley-with-coldGoing on Day 3 of being sick. UGH.

I’ve come down with some nasty bug that’s robbed me almost entirely of my sense of taste, which means that right now everything I eat tastes like some variation on a theme of cardboard. I don’t have an upset stomach, and my throat isn’t particularly sore, both of which mean I can still eat solid food without a whole lot of grief—only I can’t taste anything! Not really, anyway. It’s like most of my taste buds have gone on strike while they’re waiting for my body to fight off this taste-deadening bug.

So this whole post today is basically a big pity party because I miss actually being able to taste food. Wah. 😥 But hey, you get three yummy recipes out of it, so there’s that. 🙂

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