…some days I just want to sell them to the gypsies (only on those particular days I’d probably have to PAY the gypsies to take them off my hands)… my dd is pretty noisy and active (for a little girl), but my dh’s sons (who’re basically good kids, they’re just little boys) make Viv look tame by comparison — little boys are LOUD and ROWDY, and they’re driving me insane (quite literally — I felt like I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown last night)!! however, my dh’s ex called last night wanting to adjust the schedule we’ve been on for the last few months, and I have to admit I’m more than just a little relieved… I think the new schedule will be more manageable since we’ll have the boys in slightly smaller blocks now — I’ll have more time to recuperate before the next onslaught ;-\ LOL (altho’ I’m disappointed that we won’t have them at all on “her” weekends, b/c heaven knows she won’t take them to church or give them any other sort of spiritual guidance or religious instruction)… I love my dh VERY much, and I tried for his sake and his sons’ to make this work, but to be perfectly honest, I just cannot cope w/little boys — I know my limits, and we’ve exceeded them… perhaps when they’re a bit older, things will be different… ROFLMBO!!! okay, back to reality now… ;-\