I’ve given up on keeping my house clean, at least during the day… my kids have stuff strewn all over the place (altho’ I do try to keep most of the mess contained upstairs where the play loft and bedrooms are), and while I’ll have them pick up a few messes during the day if they get significantly large, for the most part I’ll just leave everything alone until bedtime… I want my kids to have fun playing, not get all neurotic thinking they have to pick up after themselves every minute of the day; on the other hand, I do want them to pick up after themselves, not act like it’s someone else’s job to always clean up behind them (they’ll become lazy, slovenly, and burdensome that way — I was married to someone like that once, and I’ll be d***ed if I’m going to inflict that on any of my future children-in-law)… so the rest of the house may look like three little bombs hit it, but at least my kitchen sink is clean, and it’s surprising how that one simple fact makes it so much easier to deal w/mess in the rest of the house — I thank FlyLady for that one! 🙂