well, so far Day 1 of the Great Free-For-All Experiment was a success! I had 4 free-for-alls (FFAs) scheduled for today, and the kids were excited about the idea when I explained to them that we were going to try something new; we missed one FFA b/c we were at my sister’s house so the kids could play w/their cousins, but of the other 3 FFAs, they actually seemed to have the desired effect! the kids WERE worn out after 15 straight mins of running around, yelling, shrieking, and generally acting wild (I just set the timer and went up to my room so I didn’t have to listen to all of the noise), so they were actually less noisy and rowdy in between FFAs…! I even had an FFA planned for this evening after their dad got home so they could all have some rough-and-tumble time w/him, but we had to cut that one short b/c Lar got home late (running errands for his mom, just forgot to call and let me know) and pushed our schedule for the evening back by about half an hour… but all in all, I’d say this is a SUCCESS, so we’ll stick w/it and see how well it continues to work! 😀