our middle child, The DS Formerly Known As Tiny, informed me this morning that he wants to be called by his “big boy” name, Aidan… it was kinda funny, b/c it just seemed to come out of the blue, but I have no problem honouring his request, it’ll just take some time to get into the habit of calling him Aidan instead… (we went through the same thing many years ago when my younger brother decided that he was tired of HIS childhood nickname) frankly, just the few times I’ve remembered to call him Aidan thus far, I’ve noticed that *I* even treat him differently than when I keep calling him “Tiny”… it’s such a demeaning nickname, and I know it wasn’t intended that way, but I think it’s actually one of those things that’s kinda holding him back from growing up — he wants so badly to be a big boy, but at least one person (of the female persuasion who doesn’t live with us and shall otherwise remain nameless) seems to still insist on treating him like a baby, and I think that his “baby” nickname is partly to blame… for my part, I’m gonna try like heck to remember to call him Aidan and encourage him to ACT like a big boy, too…!