I happily admit I’m a nerd — it took a long time for me to not only accept but embrace my nerdiness, and now I’m just plain long ole reveling in it… ;-D LOL I love learning, always have (there’s so much that I don’t know! more than anyone could ever possibly learn in one lifetime), and there are so many worthwhile things to learn about, but I’ve recently returned to my love of classics, only this time I’m expanding my studies: not only am I studying classics in literature, but I’ve also chosen to learn from classics in science, mathematics, philosophy, religion, government, economics, art and music, etc.

I’m especially excited about the little discussion group we’ve got going now — it’s slowly growing (we now have members other than just the 3 original founders — myself, my sister, and one of her friends — WOOHOO!), and as more people join and hopefully decide to participate in conversations, I expect that we’ll soon have a very rich little community…! 🙂 I so enjoy conversations that make me think, offer me new perspectives, and force me to re-evaluate (and either alter or confirm) my own opinions — this is educational bliss!