yeah, we liked the movie, but we enjoyed our evening at the Brigham Young University (BYU) Museum of Art (MOA) as well — it was a refreshing change to have a date night where we didn’t pay good money to spend ~2 hrs ignoring each other… ;-\ LOL don’t get me wrong, I like a good movie as well as the next guy, but it gets a little old, esp when there are so many other wonderful things to see and do… there were two exhibits that we went to see at the MOA: “American Dreams,” and “Beholding Salvation: Images of Christ”; I liked both exhibits, but for different reasons — the first appealed mainly to my aesthetic sense, while the second struck a chord w/my religious beliefs as a devout Christian, and I found it much more emotionally powerful and moving (perhaps that’s a function of my spiritual life, but it could also be b/c there’s only so much emotion that can be conveyed by a landscape, however beautifully executed)… I’m sure we’ll do dinner-and-a-movie dates again, too, but I enjoyed not only doing something different (just for the sake of novelty) but also being able to converse w/my dh and share our opinions, preferences, knowledge, etc.