we took my dd to see the model train show at Thanksgiving Point this afternoon (invited my dad and my sis and her family to come along, too), and it was SO neat!! I like the “N” scale trains myself (not the itty-bitty teeny-tiny ones, but the ones that are just a little bit bigger, still very small), but there were some really fantastic displays there in “HO” and even “O” scale models… my personal faves were the Hogwart’s Express, complete w/Hogwarts Castle, the lake, and the quidditch pitch(!!); Radiator Springs w/all the Cars characters; the scenic Americana displays that had beautiful backdrops, amazingly detailed landscapes, and tiny wildlife (even a bald eagle that “flew” on a mechanized wire!); and the Lego set, which had everything from farmland w/little carrots, to Spiderman and Doc Oc in a confrontation on a suspension bridge, to the Museum of Natural History w/”live” dinosaurs breaking out of the side…! I’ve loved model trains since I was a little girl and had my own “HO” scale train set; I’ve no idea what happened to that set, but one of these days, when my kiddos are a little bit older and we’re in a house w/a little more room, I’d love to have another train set…or two… 😉