I didn’t realize until today that I’m a lot better shape — physically and domestically — than a lot of my fellow flybabies… I’m still slender w/figure flaws that I don’t obsess about; most of my house is relatively clean and clutter-free so I don’t panic if someone stops by unannounced; there are just some key things that I need to focus on, I’m not starting from scratch at all…!

shining my sink HAS made a big difference in how the rest of my kitchen looks — it’s like that clean sink is contagious! 🙂 my biggest problem is clutter in a few key places, and I think a large part of the problem is the pack rat gene I inherited from my dad, who got it from his mother, who got it from who knows whom… I’m going to give myself a Valentine’s Day challenge (meaning that I have until Valentine’s Day to reach my goal) and see if I can clear the surface of the desk in my office by then — it’s not COMPLETELY covered, but near enough… :-\ clock is ticking!!