I think that’s the tag line from some cheesy beauty product or brand, but that’s what I’m going to practice telling myself regarding a few little things I want to do for myself… it’s funny, but I feel like the universe has conspired against me to tell me that I really need to finally learn this lesson by heart: not only did it come up in my session w/the family counselor I’m going to right now (I need all the help I can get w/transition and blended family issues), but I’m getting a similar message from FlyLady, too (in generic broadcast form, but it’s there nonetheless)… it’s okay to treat myself to little things, “gold stars” so to say, for achieving goals, even little baby step accomplishments — we do it w/our kids when they’re learning to roll over, crawl, walk, talk, etc., but it’s like after a certain point we act like people don’t need recognition and/or appreciation for their efforts… I remember a few distinct incidents from my corporate life, and I know I personally do much better with recognition/appreciation than without, so I’m going to start doing little things for myself to reward myself for a job well done… 🙂 I think maybe the first thing I’ll treat myself to is a pedicure — Spring is just around the corner! HALLELUJAH!!