it’s not that I’m allergic to romance or anything; what I am allergic to is stress, and tonight was nothing if not stressful: it took me almost TWO HOURS to get from my house, to my sister’s house (to drop off my dd to be babysat w/her cousins), to the restaurant where I was meeting my dh for dinner — even during rush hour, it’s normally a one hour trip, TOTAL!! but b/c all the world and his wife were out for dinner tonight, traffic was an absolute NIGHTMARE… I told Lar that next year I’d rather just call in something for take-away — that way we’re not having to fight crowds and traffic, we can have a more romantic and intimate dinner at home (even if that means having a late dinner after the kids are all in bed), and we can order from a nice restaurant instead of “stepping down” b/c we didn’t make our reservations a MONTH in advance…!

other than that, he was a total sweetheart to send me a lovely bouquet, and he seemed quite pleased w/my “little” gift for him: he’s been telling me for WEEKS that he’s “craving red meat” (admittedly we don’t eat much red meat, and when we do, it’s frequently extra-lean ground beef), so I ordered four 5-oz top sirloin steaks from Omaha Steaks, and they happened to come w/a few free gifts (six large ground beef patties for grilling, a 6-pc knife set, and a small cutting board)… he’s never ordered anything from Omaha Steaks before, and he was very surprised by the variety and selection of things they offer, so I have the feeling this won’t be our last order from them, either… 😉