I finally got my hair cut today after…uhm…months of mostly just wearing it back b/c I couldn’t figure out what in the blue blazes to do w/it… Ann Marie is a Devachan-trained stylist, so I had a lot of confidence in her ability to help me do SOMETHING w/my long, wavy hair, and she did: she lopped about 4 inches of it off and cut lots of layers into it (including some in front to frame my face)… my dh seems to like it (he’s hoping this will encourage me to wear my hair DOWN more often), and I’m curious to see how it does in the morning when I fix it, especially since I got my new travel-size/sample set from MopTop today, too…! lately I’d just been feeling so frumpy-dumpy w/my old no-style hairstyle that I’m VERY happy to have something new and fresh! 🙂