I’m still getting used to this haircut. I haven’t tried putting it up in a twist yet, so I’m not even sure I can do that anymore, but today I reverted to my old stand-by (ponytail) b/c my hair was constantly getting in my face while I was trying to fix dinner, and it was driving me BATS! I also seem to have lost a lot of the quasi-curl — now all I have is definitely waves, and they’re even a bit looser than what I had before I got my hair cut (I thought maybe they’d tighten up a bit and have more shape and definition w/some of the bulk and weight gone from my hair, but apparently I thought wrong)… I’m still fiddling around w/product, too — the light-hold gel that came w/the travel size/sample set from MopTop isn’t strong enough hold for me, but the HE SMU (Herbal Essences Set Me Up) gel might be a little too strong, so maybe I’ll try the HE TT (Totally Twisted) med-hold gel again… as far as cleansing goes, I’m really liking the MopTop shampoo and daily conditioner, but the detangling spray doesn’t do much for me, and like I just said, the gel doesn’t have enough hold for my thick, heavy hair… I’m just trying not to fiddle around w/too many products at once b/c then when I do find a combo that works, I might not remember what I used so I can duplicate it…! :-\