when I met w/my OB-GYN yesterday, she said my symptoms sound EXACTLY like PMDD to her, so the first thing we’re going to try is taking me off BCPs and putting me on a different form of BC — I’m now using NuvaRing, and so far I love it! this next week will be very telling b/c that’s the point in my cycle where I typically hit my Hyde phase; since NuvaRing is supposed to be low-level continuous release hormone, I’m hoping that I’ll feel pretty much the same way next week and the week after as I do now: normal! 🙂

yesterday was also our Date Night (I’m still not sure how I feel about this middle-of-the-week schedule), and we decided to go see Music & Lyrics w/Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore (I did give my dh an opportunity to pick something else, but we don’t watch R-rated films, and he said that Ghostrider and Bridge to Terabithia were both getting crummy reviews)… Music & Lyrics was much funnier than I’d expected, especially if you grew up in the 80s: you’ll have much more appreciation for the 80s pop band spoof played against the current music diva caricature… it’s a typical light, somewhat sappy, feel-good movie that falls squarely into the chick flick category, but sometimes light, somewhat sappy, feel-good movies are just what one needs… 😉