last night I woke up in AGONY b/c of my left arm… I have no idea what I did (maybe I just slept on it wrong), but I had SHARP shooting pains from my shoulder down through my elbow — it had affected the nerves to the point that I couldn’t even flop my arm around, it was that useless, and the pain was making me nauseated… my arm finally started feeling more normal again, but then my left LEG cramped up (charley horse in my calf), so THAT woke me up… that was around quarter to one this morning, and I had a miserable night of tossing and turning after that — when I would manage to finally doze off, I was having distressing dreams, so I kept waking up… my dh woke up feeling crummy b/c of the weather, so we ended up calling someone in the Primary at church to let them know that we wouldn’t be there to teach our class today — I took a muscle relaxer and an 800mg ibuprofen and crashed on the sofa while my dd watched Cinderella… poor Lar has a ~4-hr flight to look forward to as he’s got to go to a trade show in Orlando for most of this week… I just hope that not being on BCPs will help stabilize my moods to the extent that I can handle having all 3 kids at home alone by myself for 2+ days…! :-X