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I think I may have found a replacement for my former night cream! I’ve been using creme d’olives for several months now, and since I’m almost out of it, I decided to look for something else instead, since my two biggest complaints about creme d’olives are its extortionate price ($160 for a 2-oz jar) and its heaviness (it’s VERY thick and actually almost impossible to spread w/o pulling my skin, which would be why the instructions on the jar say to use a “gentle patting technique” to apply it; plus I can’t use the stuff during the day as it just SITS on my skin, so it was relegated to “night cream only” status)… but the other day a little light bulb went off inside my head and I thought, “why not buy something from one of the seasoned micro-formulators in my potions groups?” after a bit of poking around, I found myself at Moose Creek Bath & Body, and lo and behold, Alice (the owner, and also the list mom of the Lotions, Potions and Soaps Yahoo! Group) carries some lovely-sounding anti-aging skin care products, very reasonably priced, too… so I picked up her “Monoi DMAE Fine Line Buffer Face Creme” and her “Cucumber & Cranberry Eye Gel 95% Organic,” which both arrived in a package this morning and made smile (I’ve actually been feeling quite ill since yesterday afternoon)… this time of year my cheeks tend to get a bit dry and flaky (attractive, huh), so I need something that will combat the dryness w/o making my combination skin feel like an oil slick… I think Alice’s Monoi DMAE creme might very well be the ticket! it has a smooth texture, spreads easily, has a very mild fragrance from the natural ingredients in her formula, and doesn’t make my skin feel greasy, just soft and hydrated… YAY!! we’ll see how it continues to perform over the next several months… the eye gel is lovely, too — not sticky, has a very fresh smell, and does in fact seem to gently firm under-eye skin and reduce puffiness, just as advertised (gosh, novel concept: something that actually DOES what it CLAIMS to do!); my only complaint is a minor one: it’d be nice if the eye gel came w/a treatment pump-type dispenser instead of the disc cap, but heck, that’s an easy fix (I happen to have a couple of treatment pumps in the other room that, quite by coincidence, will fit the 2-oz container for the eye gel)… Alice even included a small sample of her “Olive Oil Lotion,” which I can’t find for sale on the Moose Creek site, but it’s already done wonders for my dry, chapped hands — I may not be able to buy any more of it, but this little sample will tide me over until I can collect the rest of the ingredients for my dry skin balm…  Alice, you’ve given my little hobby-business something to aspire to “when I grow up”…  😉