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I have to admit, these are probably two of my all-time favourite pieces that I’ve ever made (and that’s saying something):


Captivated — “Purple Velvet” Swarovski® crystals* trapped inside a delicate cage of argentium silver rings; 18″ necklace, currently available (1)

*I prefer using Swarovski crystals or crystal pearls w/this style of chain for several reasons: they’re available in a stunning variety of colours, I know for certain that I’m working w/calibrated beads (often difficult to find w/gemstone beads), and I don’t have to worry about the beads being damaged by their little cage (some gemstone beads are relatively soft and fragile, so they just wouldn’t thrive in captivity)

and this one:

Falling Stars

The Night the Stars Fell Down — beautiful enameled copper rings woven into an elegant spiral pattern, with 43+ carats of white topaz millenium-cut drops in the terminators — over 1,000 rings in seven different colours and more than 35 hours of labour went into the construction of this piece; 38″ open lariat-style necklace, currently available (1), one-of-a-kind original design

both of these pieces actually took quite a lot of work — maybe that’s why I love them so much, b/c it’s so satisfying to see them complete and looking as “simple yet striking” as I’d envisioned… *sigh* yup, I’m happy… 🙂