it’s 7ºF right now (yes, that’s SEVEN degrees Fahrenheit), not accounting for wind chill factor, and we’ve got snow in the forecast for most of the next 7 days.

oh joy.

snow is pretty, IF you don’t have to live in it… as it is, our north-facing front yard will likely have snow in it until April, unless we get hit w/unseasonably warm weather early on (I actually hope that’s not the case, as we already had a horribly long, dangerously dry, HOT summer last year; I really could do w/some moderation in the weather at this point, but we’re not supposed to be making another trip to CA until…well, April, actually… sheesh)… and w/Lar’s workload and looming deadlines right now, there’s no way we can get away anywhere else before then anyhow… bother.