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I’m a geek.

always have been, probably always will be…

my first introduction to C. S. Lewis was when I was around 8-ish and was gifted the complete Chronicles of Narnia (most people never seem to get past The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, which is a wonderful book, but is a very superficial place to stop, or even to start, for that matter); to this day, I still own a complete set of The Chronicles of Narnia and still re-read it periodically, and I fully intend to introduce my children to its beauty, wonder, danger, restitution, and reclamation when they’re old enough to have more appreciation for them (our eldest is yet 7)…

I recently purchased The Complete C. S. Lewis Signature Classics (altho’ a more accurate title would be The Collected Essays etc.) and just finished reading The Screwtape Letters with “Screwtape Proposes a Toast” — I must say, the “diabolical ventriloquism” employed by Lewis provides a very unique (and rather frightening) perspective on how “the other side” is conducting its affairs re: Mankind… I’ll be starting Mere Christianity in the coming week, and I’m delighted to know that my dad is actually re-reading the same essay right now (my brother and one of my sisters have also both read it), so I’ll actually have people with whom I can discuss it… (it’s always more stimulating and enjoyable for me to learn from others’ insights into a book, thus expanding on what I’ve already learned from my reading; unfortunately, w/the obvious solution here being to join a book group, I usually have very little if any interest in reading whatever work they’ve selected for a given period)

and if I’m sounding obnoxiously priggish or self-righteous about my reading selections, that’s not my intent: I do read for enjoyment as well as for education, but the books I enjoy for entertainment alone are probably not high up on anyone else’s reading list, which is partly why I admit I’m a geek — I like what I like, whether others like it or not, and quite often it has educational value in addition to any simple entertainment it might provide… and if that’s not geeky, I guess I really don’t know what is… 😉