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Actor Heath Ledger died yesterday at the age of 28 from an accidental overdose of sleeping pills.


in an interview w/the New York Times late last year, Ledger admitted to not sleeping much, apparently a frequent occurrence when he’s working on a film… he said he took an Ambien one night, which didn’t work, so he took another and fell into a stupor for an hour or so before he regained consciousness, unable to fall asleep…

there are two lessons here:

  1. lack of sleep has a frighteningly detrimental effect on our logic and judgment, which, when functioning at full capacity, should tell us that:
  2. “some” may be good, but that does NOT mean “more” is better; in fact, it may be quite dangerous — clear-thinking people don’t intentionally take too much of a drug intended to produce unconsciousness (even sleep)

I feel badly for Heath and his family (esp his 2-yo daughter) for such a tragic loss; and it reinforces my own determination to manage my body and my personal habits to promote healthy, restful sleep — not only for my own benefit, but for the benefit of my family…

(what’s really WEIRD is that the same day Heath was found dead of an overdose on Ambien, I posted on my blog about my own experiments w/natural alternatives to that exact drug; rest assured I’m not “mucking about” w/essential oils, for my insomnia or for anything else — these plant-derived oils are powerful natural medicines and MUST be handled and used w/respect and caution)

ETA: I stumbled across another blogger’s post re: Ambien (and Heath’s untimely death) — I didn’t have these same frightening side effects from the drug myself, but now I’m even more determined not to take it anymore…