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in the family I grew up in, we all love soup! cream-based soup, broth-based soup, soup w/meat, soup w/veggies, soup w/meat AND veggies; stews, chowders, chilis — if it’s better off in a bowl than on a plate, we’re all for it! 😉 that’s not to say we don’t like “other” food, too, but we’ll stretch “soup season” from early Fall into late Spring if we think the weather will let us get away w/it… (I’d do soup in the Summer, if I could, but I have yet to convince my DH of the joys of cold soups, dangit)

I try not to inflict soup (in any of its various incarnations) on my family TOO often, maybe only 1-2x/wk, but every once in a while I just start CRAVING soup in some form or another and I drag my family along for the culinary ride… last night it was my grandmother’s fantastic homemade beef chili recipe (which my family fortunately all like very much 🙂 ), in which I used double the amount of sausage called for b/c I had a blonde moment and forgot I already had a pound of unfrozen sausage (which could’ve easily been halved) waiting patiently in the fridge for precisely this very occasion, so I thawed out a pound of frozen sausage and used the whole thing; I only discovered the package of still-unfrozen sausage as I was hauling the shredded cheddar out for topping… GAH. oh well. I’m sure we’ll have chili again at least once before Easter… 😉