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Flash back: someone backed into us in a parking lot just over 2 wks ago (the driver was completely oblivious to my big-A dark blue vehicle behind her, and I was even LAYING on my horn while I was trying like “h-e-double hockey sticks” to get out of her way once I saw her starting to move, but she said she didn’t hear me, either — it’s things like this that continue to convince me that my kids need to go to a PROFESSIONAL driving school when they’re old enough, like I did, NOT 6 wks of school-sponsored driver’s ed between 10th and 11th grade, sheesh… but I digress…) btw, I gotta give major props to Farmers Insurance — they’re the insurer of the woman who crunched our car, and they made the whole process much less painful and frustrating than what I was anticipating; if I was ever going to change insurance companies (which I certainly never intend to — USAA is wonderful!!), Farmers w/b my first choice, b/c I figure if they’re that polite, courteous, patient, professional, and accommodating w/people who aren’t even insured w/them, how much better are they going to treat their members? 🙂 mega-kudos, Farmers!!

Fast-forward to this morning: I finally got my car back from the repair shop just before lunchtime, and it’s SO nice to have a big, roomy car w/plushy gadgets and bells and whistles… know what I missed most? it’s a toss-up between two things, really: the heated wiper fluid, and the auto-unlock on ALL the doors when the engine’s turned off… silly, huh? I’m spoiled, I admit it, but I luuuuuuurv my car!!

we got a FANTABULOUS deal on a 2007 GMC Acadia SLT2 late last year (call me weird, but I get a real kick out of the fact that most people seem to have never heard of Acadias — I know I hadn’t, before my DH started researching cars)


I absolutely HATED the idea of driving a minivan (yeah, call me vain, but my mum drives one, and she’s 60), and the Acadia gives us all the room of a minivan w/o looking like one… 😀 SO happy to have my car back!!