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first, a health update re: my PMDD: I’m now 3 days into what I used to call my “Hyde phase,” but my two worst symptoms — aggression/rage and insomnia — continue to respond well to their respective treatments… 🙂 changing my BC to NuvaRing (no more pills for me, tyvm!!) and using ~1/2 tsp of Natpro 2x/day every day for the last 2 wks of my cycle has really made a HUGE improvement in the quality of my life (and my family’s!)… my insomnia usually gets worse during these 2 wks, but my “sleep solution” (detailed in an earlier post here) is still doing its job well…so far… we’ll see how things go next week… I’ve also finally gotten off my duff and ordered Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond w/Ana Brett & Ravi Singh (love my Amazon Prime! 😀 ) — there were a TON of reviews for this DVD, all of which extolled its many virtues, so I’m excited to try it! (thx for the kick in the backside, Kat! 😉 )

now for the fun stuff: BEAUTY! 😀 if y’all haven’t figured out by now, I’m an Aromaleigh (AL) Diva/Addict — this is the first brand of makeup that I’ve ever really LOVED! not only is it beautiful and versatile, it’s affordable and responsible; and I feel really good knowing that I’m supporting an American, woman-owned small business… *warm fuzzies* 😀 if you’re looking for makeup that’s not just different but makes a difference, try Aromaleigh! (no, this is NOT a compensated endorsement, nor am I an affiliate; I’m just a loyal customer who thinks every woman should love her makeup this much! ❤ ) as for my skin care regimen, I’m still loving the products I bought from Alice at Moose Creek Bath & Body — in fact, I’ve started using the “Monoi DMAE Fine Line Buffer Face Creme” (which I’d originally purchased to use only as a night cream) to supplement my current daytime “responsive moisture” lotion, which I hate to say isn’t all that responsive b/c still leaves me w/yucky dry patches on my combination skin… the Monoi DMAE creme takes care of those annoying dry patches quite nicely, and I don’t have to wait very long for it to absorb so I can put on my makeup… yay Alice!! 🙂