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a few days ago, someone on one of my Yahoo! groups innocently posted a “helpful” suggestion to use a service called Grouply to manage emails and digests from multiple Yahoo! groups… after doing a bit of poking around, I’m forced to conclude that Grouply is nothing more than yet another phishing scam, b/c the only thing they DON’T appear to go after (at least not that I know of) is credit card and/or bank account info while Grouply may not be phishing, they DO collect usernames and passwords (btw, giving this info to a third party probably violates the Yahoo! Groups TOS — see para 5), which not only puts your own info at risk, but it exposes the info of everyone in your groups as well… also, there’s currently no easy way to unsub from Grouply: someone who’s signed up has to call or email Grouply, and they’ll unsub you (you hope!), but in all likelihood they still retain any info/data that they’ve managed to collect about you AND the members of your groups… phishing scams like this don’t get caught in anti-virus and anti-spam software; ANY time someone asks you for access to your usernames and passwords, run far, and run fast!! think very VERY hard about what that person/entity COULD do w/your info if they decide to abuse it, and whether or not you’d want to be held responsible for anything they might do under your account info… I’m personally not willing to take that kind of risk…