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I’ve never really understood the whole Valentine’s Day thing, but I’m not complaining… 😉 my DH and kids all gave me a dozen long-stemmed red roses and a big keepsake box of imported Belgian chocolates (YUM!), and Larry and I have reservations tonight for a nice, quiet, romantic dinner at one of the nicer restaurants in the valley (fortunately it’s close to home, since the roads are all icy and mucky again after getting another 8-10″ of fresh snowfall from last night’s blizzard — and yes, this did qualify as an actual blizzard: sustained winds of 35+ mph and 3+ hrs in duration)… Lar’s “saving” his gifts for the next few months (V’day and b’day in March) for an iPhone; we gave the kids little plastic hearts filled w/candies, and they each got a new puppy plushy as well (Viv’s is bubblegum pink, Aidan’s is jet black, and Ethan’s is caramel)… and Grandma and Grandpa (my parents) have told me that they have a delivery for us (I’m assuming they mean the kids) once the roads open back up…

I’m kind of excited about dinner, b/c there are so few occasions that I get to dress up for out here (Intermountain West living is horribly, terminally casual 😛 ) and Larry’s agreed that we can dress up “a bit” tonight, which means I actually get to wear my little black David Meister cocktail dress (for the second time ever)…! 😀 I still haven’t quite decided what to do w/my hair (curled or straightened), but I’m leaning towards curling it (just seems a little softer and more romantic)… I’m also toying w/the idea of going light on my eyes (when we go out at night I generally favour a smoky eye) and playing up my lips instead, maybe w/Aromaleigh‘s lush, deep pink Framboise lipstick w/a touch of Enchant lip gloss for some shine — kind of a 40’s retro Hollywood starlet glam look, but in bold pink instead of red (don’t get me wrong, I love red! it just seems rather Fall/Winter to me; I need some Springy pinks!!)… I’ll probably stick w/a pair of simple black evening sandals and keep the focus upward w/my makeup and jewellery, which reminds me, I’ve got to get back to work on this lacy-looking wire filigree necklace w/tourmaline gem clusters if I’m going to wear it tonight…!