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…of being sick and tired! I cannot remember when I’ve had to endure such a miserable winter — we’ve all been taking turns w/various illnesses, and varying degrees thereof, since before Christmas…! maybe it’s b/c this is the first winter we’ve had kids who’re all in school at least part-time, plus the boys are in day care at a center for half the week (they used to go to a babysitter, and I think they probably just didn’t get exposed to as much crud in a smaller setting)… anyway, if you’re wondering why I haven’t posted anything lately, it’s b/c last week I was pretty much out of commission w/strep AND a nasty sinus infection — don’t you wish you were me? 😛

and no, this is NOT an invitation to spam me w/invites to join your multi-level marketing “opportunity” w/whatever “latest breakthrough” health drink/pill/bar/gizmo/etc is the fad du jour — I have ZERO interest/energy for that sort of thing, so pls don’t waste my time or yours…