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we were having such lovely weather here — up in the 50s (F), clear, sunny — then today, WHAM! dropped 20° in less than an hour, and it started SNOWING again…! I just about wanted to cry… 😦 I’m so sick of snow I can hardly stand it, and not just b/c I’m dying to wear some of my cute sandals — this has been the longest, hardest Winter I’ve ever had to endure anywhere I’ve ever lived (even my DH admits that in 44 yrs of living in Utah, he can’t remember a Winter this bad)… I’m SO looking forward to our trip to Newport Beach next month!! even bought a couple of swimsuits for the occasion (that’s really saying something if you consider that I hate the beach w/a purple passion):

NN swimdress

not sure exactly what the front of this one looks like — couldn’t find pix anywhere on their site, gah — but I do like the lace-up detail in the back, so hopefully the front won’t make me (or my DH) cringe… just in case it does, I got this one, too:

citrus-green tankini

I’m noticing I have a thing for bows lately — a startling number of the shoes I find myself drooling over have bows on them, go figure… but anyway, I really like the ruching on this one, too, and the citron colour is just yummy… 🙂

and in anticipation of Spring reappearing again (it was here just the other day, I swear it!), I’ve bought…(drum roll please)…MORE SHOES!! 😀 some cute neutral skimmers by Gabriella Rocha (every girl should have a pair of easy-peasy slip-ons):


and some darling pumps by Irregular Choice for dressing up jeans, capris, casual skirts, or whatever else I darn well please 😀

plaid rose print pumps

and get the detail on the outsoles even:

pump outsole

and I’ve been trying to find a simple (but not TOO simple, aka boring) pink pump for the last several weeks, all to no avail, until I finally found these on Amazon:

MJ pumps, pink

they didn’t have a close-up of the pink, but here’s one of the sky blue:

MJ pump

ya gotta love that double-strap detail — this is definitely not a PLAIN Mary Jane… 😉

so as far as I’m concerned, it’s MARCH, dangit, and I’m wearing Spring clothes, even if it means I still have to change into them out of boots and heavy coats…! 😛