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so in addition to stinking up my bathroom the other day (I love bayberry, but not in excess like that) and probably ruining our bath mats, t’would appear I’ve broken my HE washer now, too…  😦

GE HE washer

I’ve got a service call in to GE, but they won’t be able to get anyone out here before Monday, so I’ve made arrangements to do a couple loads of laundry at my sister’s house today…  it’s actually not a HUGE inconvenience, as I was already planning on watching her kids for a few hours today so she and her DH can have an afternoon date, so I’ll just watch the twins at her house (so I can do laundry) instead of her bringing them over here…

oddly enough, I find that I can actually be grateful for problems like this — reminds me how much we really do have and helps me remember not to take our abundance for granted…