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I was talking w/a realtor yesterday (she’s the listing agent for a house that we’re considering buying, and we were over there w/a foundation specialist having the foundation evaluated and baselined for possible settling), and it came up in conversation that I was diagnosed last year w/a severe hormone imbalance; her totally unexpected response was, “oh! you need to go see MY doctors!”  I was stunned!  she then proceeded to tell me that right up the street from the house we were at was a clinic where they specialize in holistic treatment of hormone imbalance and aren’t afraid to consider alternative therapies — they test ALL of your hormone levels, then prescribe a custom formula that’s filled by a local compounding pharmacy so the treatment meets your specific needs…!  I HUGGED HER!!!  even if we don’t buy that particular house (altho’ I’m hoping we will — it’s a great house, pretty big, good layout, nice location, lots of potential), this clinic is just about smack in the middle of the area we want to stay in, which isn’t all that far from where we live right now…  apparently these folks (it’s actually a husband-and-wife practice) are in pretty high demand b/c I couldn’t even get in to see the PA for a couple of weeks (the wait to see the doc was several MONTHS!!), but I’m so excited about the possibility of finally being able to address my underlying hormone imbalance and stop just putting band-aids on all of the symptoms…!!  😀