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I’m not Irish.

Swiss, English, Scottish, Spanish, Native American, and African, yes; Irish, no.

so why should I bother w/St. Patrick’s Day? I don’t. I really don’t care if some guy chased all the snakes out of Ireland or not… and yet most people in Utah (particularly those who’ve never lived outside of the weird little bubble that is Planet Utah) have this infantile thing about celebrating holidays that have little or nothing to do w/them; I doubt most of them even know how the tradition originated or that green is the Irish Catholic colour (orange is for Irish Protestants)… next thing you know, they’ll want to start celebrating Cinco de Mayo and Chinese New Year and Ramadan and Kwanzaa and just about any other holiday they can usurp adopt, again w/o having any real understanding of a holiday that is significant to other regions/cultures of the world but NOT their own…

I guess more than anything it just really irks me that more attention is given to frivolous celebrations like St. Patrick’s Day, which IMO has ZERO significance outside of Irish communities, than to more serious, official American national holidays like Memorial Day or Labor Day — as far as most people in the U.S. are concerned, those are just 3-day weekends w/no real significance (heck, Veteran’s Day doesn’t even rate being a day off), and THAT’S a travesty…