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our eldest was just diagnosed w/strep on Saturday (thank goodness for weekend pediatric clinics!), and he’s still got a rattly cough to boot… trying to keep a 7-yo boy inside and resting when his siblings are outside and playing is nigh unto impossible, but I cannot in good conscience let him outside to play in chilly weather until he’s given his body a couple of days to rest and heal, esp b/c this particular 7-yo seems to have a relatively weak immune system, which might be attributed to his being born prematurely or possibly a deficiency he may have inherited from his parents (this is my stepson)… it’s so hard to explain to a child that our bodies need rest in order to get better, and if we don’t rest then we’ll just be sick longer and could even get sicker… I do try to practice what I preach and set a good example for my kids by not overdoing it myself when I’m ill, but sometimes I think I’m the only parent of the three (myself, my DH, and his ex) that thinks of these things…