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yesterday I got a large manila envelope in the mail from the new clinic I’m going to this coming Thursday: in it was their new patient intake packet (imagine a clinic that has the forethought to send that info to patients so they can complete it BEFORE they come to the doctor’s office instead of having to come to the first appt an hour early just to fill out paperwork — this bodes VERY well for this clinic’s approach to dealing w/patients 🙂 ); also included was a small brochure about the clinic and their approach to wellness, and I’m so ruddy EXCITED about what they say about their philosophy that I just had to share it:

“The Alpine Clinic was founded in 1998 by Dr. Dianne Farley-Jones for the purposes of encouraging healthy living and illness prevention while providing necessary medical care. This is accomplished through teaching and practicing medicine based on supporting the body’s normal physiological function rather than using drugs to suppress symptoms…

We believe that patentable pharmaceuticals act to block normal physiological pathways in a variety of ways, producing changes in symptoms. Sometimes these effects are needed for acute problems. However, because drugs are foreign to the body and do not support normal physiological pathways, they do not lead to true healing.”

FINALLY, a medical practice that corresponds to my own beliefs and values (which are still evolving as I continue to educate myself…)!! and from what I read in another section of their brochure, it seems that these folks might actually be practicing anti-aging medicine (as described in Suzanne Somers’ book Ageless) not “just” conventional medicine: “Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement: Replenishing the natural and optimal balance of hormones to the level found in a more youthful state.” I could almost turn cartwheels (except I’m wearing a skirt…)!! I’ve nothing against growing older, I just don’t want to fall apart as I do it! see, by the time my youngest is ready to graduate high school, I’ll be 50ish, and I want to have the energy and physical and mental capacity to enjoy my older years w/my husband, as well as any grandchildren that may come along in 20+ yrs… plus I’m basically the guinea pig for my other family members: depending on the results/benefits I’m able to achieve w/the support of doctors who practice cutting-edge health-based (as opposed to symptom-based) medicine, I’ll be able to persuade other family members to take a similar approach to their own health; who doesn’t want a high quality of life for their loved ones as they progress through the various stages of life?