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okay, so our grandmothers were right — I don’t know HOW they knew, but they did:  cod liver oil goes a LONG way to helping our bodies function properly…  only thing is, I already have an overactive gag reflex, and trying to force myself to swallow an entire tablespoon of straight oil is just not on…  my doc recommended the straight oil (it IS flavoured w/natural orange flavouring, so at least that masks the taste and I don’t burp like a seal) b/c it’s generally got higher natural Vitamin A and Vitamin D content, but I poked around online and found arctic cod liver oil capsules made by the same company that makes the straight oil, so the nutrient content is very similar (only slightly less Vit A and D), and it’s much MUCH easier to swallow…  bottom line:  LOVE the cod liver oil (b/c it really does work to help balance my system), hate gagging down the straight oil; capsules are the only way to go for me…