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big cheesy grin
ever since she was a new baby, the one thing people everywhere consistently say about my daughter Vivienne is “she’s so funny!” Viv got me w/a double whammy while we were on a walk this afternoon: one of the yards in our neighbourhood has been almost completely taken over by dandelions, and Viv’s excited observation (it’s so hard to convince a 4yo that those fluffy bright yellow flowers are actually a heinous weed) was “look, Mama, DANDELIONS! a whole FLOCK of them!” it was all I could do not to snort when I laughed… 🙂 then less than 50 ft down the path, she looked up at me w/her nose all crinkled up (apparently in response to the smell of someone’s lawn treatment) and said “it smells like Home Depot!” I couldn’t help but snort at that one! 😉