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yeah, I know everyone’s had them, but it seems like that’s all we’ve had — so far we’re two for two…  or rather the actual DAY wasn’t that bad, but it was far from wonderful (we’re still digging out from under one of Larry’s explosions of temper on Mon morning)…  we do have reservations for dinner at The Roof Restaurant at Temple Square this coming Fri night, and we’re staying at Armstrong Manor B&B downtown (no idea which room, so that’ll be a surprise, but Larry’s got decent taste, so I doubt it’ll be something really cheesy), but the challenge between now and Friday is to get back to the point where we WANT to spend time alone together and we won’t need a referee to do it…  I don’t expect life or marriage to always be rainbows and roses, but at least one day out the year would be nice; is that so much to ask…?

I’m going to bed early again…