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so our weekend together turned out to be much nicer than the actual day, go figure…

we stayed at Armstrong Manor up in downtown SLC — Larry had booked the November Vintage room, and the pix in NO way do this room justice… the only things that would’ve improved my enjoyment of the room would’ve been 1) blackout window treatments on the windows (sunrise is ~6:00AM right now, yeesh), and 2) a vanity in the bathroom (pedestal sinks are very attractive yet so impractical)

we had dinner at The Roof Restaurant, and I indulged in five courses at their impressive buffet (I skipped having a bread course and an after-dinner bev); fortunately we had time to waddle around Temple Square and kind of walk dinner off before attending a free concert at the old meetinghouse, a piano duet that featured pieces by Rachmaninoff and Gershwin (interrupted by one “modern” piece that sounded rather like a musical train wreck — think Dvořák, and you’ve got the idea)… then more walking back to where our car was parked and a short return trip to the B&B…

while we were out, Larry had made arrangements w/the B&B staff to add some romantic touches to our room: the lights were turned down w/little tea lights lit all over the place, silk rose petals scattered across the floor and the bed, an ice bucket w/a bottle of Martinelli’s sparkling cider and a couple of champagne flutes, and a heart-shaped box w/a clear lid that displayed my name written in red frosting across the top of a 1/2 lb of fudge… okay, maybe I do have a sappy streak in me somewhere, b/c he scored some serious points w/this stuff… 😉

Lar poured drinks while I set up my iPod w/some soft music, and we spent some time playing “Fan the Flames,” a romantic couples’ game that I’d picked up the week prior; he surprised me (quite a lot, actually) by telling me he enjoyed playing the game and thanking me for getting it…! YAY! 🙂

next morning was a LIGHT brekky in the B&B dining room (we were both still recuperating from such a heavy dinner the night before), then we hit the Sundance Catalog shop (wasn’t anything there that just grabbed us) before we headed over to Nordie’s Rack to relieve them of some of their merchandise… 😀 after that, a drive in relatively light traffic down to a neat little shop called Interior Elements, where we browsed for things that might be fun to get once we finally buy a house… finally, lunch at Zuppa’s before I took Lar back over to his office to get his car, and then I headed down to my sister’s to retrieve my DD…

all in all, an enjoyable weekend — one I wouldn’t mind repeating again sometime soon… 🙂