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“a house full of 8 year old boys…”

oh help.

yes, I know that technically the first day of Summer isn’t for another couple of weeks, but today was the beginning of the first full week of Summer hols…  work w/me here…

anyway, earlier today I ended up w/3 of the neighbour boys over all at once (they actually range in ages from 6 to 9; I probably would’ve ended up w/5 extra kids, except 1 has moved out of state, and I think another of them may have moved as well) — I think our house is something like a whopping 1700sf finished, so you can imagine how…uhm…”cozy” that was…  LAWDY we need a bigger house…!  (but until that happens, I’ll just have to devise a way to keep them all outside)

on top of that, I’m sneezing my fool head off again, and that’s AFTER taking so-called 24hr-relief allergy pills (Zyrtec does just about zilch for me) — looks like it’s time to make my annual pilgrimage to the doctor to beg for a 90-day supply of Allegra…  wahoo.

at least the temps are still decent:  except for our record-breaking couple of days back in late May (where we hit 90°F+), we’re still having highs mostly in the upper 70s to lower 80s, w/the occasional cold spell — we’re due for another one of those tomorrow, w/highs in the upper 50s and lower 60s for a couple of days, then back to mid-70s…  and we’re not getting a TON of rain, but as much snowfall as we had this past Winter, I’m not sure we actually NEED all that much rain; however, we do get rain (and even the odd thundershower) much more frequently than we did LAST Spring/Summer, so that bodes well for this season (hopefully fewer brush fires and fire watch days this year than last)…