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has it occurred to anyone else that travel has declined (see a couple of enlightening articles here and here) not only b/c it’s become cost-prohibitive for us regular working-class schmoes, but air travel in particular is just too ruddy inconvenient anymore…? my DH found an article online last night (probably something like this one) indicating that now, in addition to tiresome restrictions on liquids in carryons, fuel surcharges, and the elimination of free beverage service (what the…? sheesh), we can now look forward to paying at least $15/bag for checked luggage ($25 for checking a second bag — that’s $40/person if you’re taking an extended trip, which w/b an extra $200 for our family of 5)… I don’t carry on bags b/c of the supremely annoying “liquids must be less than 2oz each and must ALL fit into ONE quart-size ziplock bag” thing (I’m a GIRL, for the love, and a girly-girl at that — have you SEEN how much liquid we travel with??), so this new luggage fee now puts me into a “damned if I do, damned if I don’t” position… like the Yahoo! News article (link above) mentioned, people are voting w/their wallets and staying away from air travel, instead choosing to drive (like we’re doing, altho’ I’m not exactly chuffed about it), stay closer to home, or cancel travel plans altogether (which will most likely be the option we elect next year if gas prices continue to be as extortionately high as they are right now b/c that’s impacting both car and air travel — one can hardly blame the airlines for trying to recoup some of their exorbitant fuel costs, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it)…

on a TOTALLY different subject, I may have something fun, indirectly related to my jewellery studio, coming up on another site in the near future — stay tuned! 😉