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got back from our San Diego holiday last evening — too tired to finish unpacking everything, let alone form coherent sentences, so right after we finished putting the kids to bed, I soaked in a hot herbal bath (my legs are SO sore from walking all over creation) and then went to bed myself…

San Diego was nice — the weather cooperated, altho’ it was consistently several degrees warmer than the inept metereorologists kept predicting, but it wasn’t hot, just too warm for cardies and jackets…  Larry had booked us a 2-room suite at the Homewood Suites / Hilton at Liberty Station, and I don’t think he could’ve managed a more perfect location:  we weren’t more than 20 mins’ drive from any of the attractions we wanted to visit…

we went to Coronado Beach for a few hours the first day we were there; the kids had fun, but I hate sand — always puts me in mind of a stanza in the opening to Lewis Carroll’s “The Walrus and the Carpenter”:

The Walrus and the Carpenter
Were walking close at hand;
They wept like anything to see
Such quantities of sand:
“If this were only cleared away,”
They said, “it would be grand!”

anywhoo, Tues was the San Diego Zoo, which we only saw ~2/3 of b/c our kids, still being rather young, pooped out after ~4+ hrs of walking (it’s a HUGE zoo); we did get to see the giant pandas, so I can’t complain…  🙂  btw,my DH got a really great deal on our zoo tix through Costco — they included unlimited Skyfari tram rides, bus tours and express buses (which we didn’t use), and they were 2-day tickets, so we could’ve (and IMO should’ve) gone back another day while we were there…

at SeaWorld,Viv got drenched by a playful dolphin not 10 mins after we got there — she was QUITE distraught and pronounced very adamantly that she did NOT like dolphins, but she got over it (after half the day)…  we took the kids to see the Shamu Show: Believe, and it really was impressive (no, we didn’t get soaked — we were in the last row of their “soak zone” — but we DID get completely soaked when we went on the “Journey to Atlantis” roller-coaster/water ride)…  we also had a great time “petting” the stingrays (they feel like giant portobello mushrooms), and the penguin exhibit gave the kids a really good idea not only how big some penguins can get (the Emperors were almost as tall as our two youngest) but also how dark Arctic winters are (when we reached the display, it was at “full sun” and it was still quite dark)…

hmmm, I seem to have a fascination w/black-and-white animals:  giant pandas, orcas, penguins…  maybe I need to figure out how to do a black-and-white line for my jewellery studio…  🙂

Thurs was seemingly ENDLESS — we finally got on the road out of San Diego (after a DELICIOUS late lunch at King’s Fish House) around 3:30PM and didn’t pull into the CasaBlanca Resort & Spa in Mesquite NV until nearly midnight…!  Fri was a little better, but not much:  on the road ~1:30PM, didn’t get home until almost 6PM…  I’ve no idea why it took us ~2hrs longer to get home than it did to get there, but we did have to make a couple of extra stops on the way back (gas and bathroom breaks) that I don’t think we made on the way out (Larry drove almost all night — we went to bed early and slept for a few hours, then we got on the road at close to 1AM, and I relieved him ~8AM after we’d stopped for breakfast)…

all in all, it was a good trip, altho’ if we don’t do something like that again any time soon, it won’t break my heart…  traveling is pleasant enough, but I’ve turned into such a homebody in my old age…  😉