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it’s weird, but Trevor Matich and I used to be friends.

then I got engaged back in 2004 (I ended up breaking it off later, thank goodness!), and I never heard from Trev again after that…


I still check in on him (or rather his website, which looks a dang sight better than what he started out with back in ’97, lemme tell ya…!) about once a year — imagine my surprise and delight to find out that he won an Emmy as Best Sports Analyst! 😀 Trevor’s a great guy, shockingly intelligent for a guy who used to get hit in the head for a living, and he’s not just funny, he’s witty; and while I haven’t heard him broadcast for ESPN (ooops, busted!), I’ve heard him fill in on talk radio on WMAL out of DC, and I’ve seen him do colour for collegiate football on FOX Sports back in the day — if anybody deserves an Emmy as sports analyst, it’s Trevor…  I couldn’t be more pleased for him!  🙂