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I first heard about Twitter from either WordPress or The Publicity Hound, I forget which, but I’ve kind of ignored it until today — didn’t know anyone who uses it, couldn’t be bothered to check it out…  well today, the owner of my favourite MMU company of all time (Aromaleigh — if you haven’t checked them out already, you really must) posted on her blog about Twittering, so I decided to check it out, and whaddya know, it’s kinda fun!  posts can only be 140 characters, but you can Twitter as often as you like — it’s basically micro-blogging, w/quick updates instead of the long, pithy, well thought out and articulate posts you’ve become accustomed to reading on my blog (HA!)…  I’ve even gone mobile so I can Twitter from my phone, wahoo!  come Twitter w/me — http://twitter.com/tanyaross