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another unusual multi-post day, but this kind of news definitely warrants an extra post today

we have a house!!  we’ll be moving <10 miles from our current house (altho’ that still puts us in totally different school boundaries), and it’s a much BIGGER house than what we’re in now (3000+ sf finished vs ~1800 sf finished), w/a much bigger yard (.34 ac vs .10 ac) and an actual patio that’s even covered…!  this is a lease-option, not just a straight rental, so next year we s/b able to do a refi to actually take ownership of the house, which means we shouldn’t have to move again for a very VERY long time…!  it’s not a perfect house (not a single one that we looked at was; I’m convinced there’s no such thing) but it’s got fantastic bones — really good architectural interest w/the layout — and we’re actually kind of excited about some relatively easy and inexpensive changes (mostly cosmetic) that would really make this OUR house…  Larry even said he doesn’t care if I paint (he hates painting; I actually kinda enjoy it), so guess what! 😉 I don’t have time to start poring over paint chips right now, not w/this move having to happen so quickly (we’ve only got 2 wks to get most of our stuff packed up and ready to move on the 31st or already taken over to the new place before that), and that means we’ll probably end up moving furniture one way or another, but DADGUMMIT I’M PAINTING!! 😀 and maybe even mudding — I really like the faux plaster look, and Larry and I actually agree on an Old World European style, which is what most of our furniture is anyway, and faux plaster would totally fit in w/that…

now off to do another hour of yoga tonight to try to clear my mind enough to actually get some rest, now that I’m not stressing over where the heck we’re moving TO…!