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ever notice that things seem to happen in threes? even just watching the waves on the beach, there are usually three waves in a cycle (three close together w/a longer gap between the next set of three)… so I guess we’ve had our three things lately, but why’d they have to be so expensive?? 😦 moving house cost over $1100 for the movers (altho’ hopefully we’ll get some of that back in claims for the major damage that was done to a few pieces of our furniture); Larry’s car will set us back almost $2000 ($1100 just to get it running again, w/another $700 worth of work over the next couple of months to KEEP it running); having the weeds removed from the yard and flower beds will be $500+ (Larry rented a Bobcat for $250 to strip most of the back yard, which was nothing but weeds, but a Bobcat can only do so much, so we’ve got a lawn care specialist coming in to finish things up)… thank goodness for tax returns and economic stimulus checks — I’m almost glad our tax accountant was so slow in filing this year (altho’ I still think it’s time to find a new accountant)… now if the next set of threes could just be GOOD things… (I’m not sure the Universe takes hints, but I figure it’s worth a shot)