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today I finally finished a necklace that I’d started a couple of MONTHS before all of this moving house drama began — I admit I have a hard time doing multiple drops, and hand-wrapping 129 of them really taxed my patience (it just gets REALLY tedious and, frankly, rather boring), but the results are well worth it, if I do say so myself…  no pix yet (still can’t find my cheapie little digital camera after the move, and DH is preoccupied w/the sprinkler system — he’s the photog anyway, pas de moi), but I’ve named this necklace “Twilight Seas”; here’s a teaser in the form of my original write-up of the piece (these descriptions almost invariably end up getting truncated to fit in the space allowed by the template of my website *sigh*):

“Have you ever seen a peaceful ocean at twilight?  Moonrise reflects off the rolling waves and swirling mist creates a glowing halo effect, an aura of ethereal beauty that somehow makes you feel as if you’re part of something magical…

This enchanting collar necklace is constructed of Argentium silver links arranged in a trefoil pattern and features 7.5-8mm multicolor smoky peacock round cultured freshwater pearls w/a corona of faceted rainbow moonstones, accented with tiny amandine garnets.  The perfect statement piece for a simple cocktail dress, this is a one-of-a-kind piece.

I really am quite pleased w/how this necklace turned out — I think it’s unusually lovely, and I daresay I’ll actually have a hard time parting w/it when someone buys it — and for the first time in several weeks (now that I’m starting to feel more settled in our new home) I’m feeling that DRIVE to create again, YAY!