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I’ve been conscripted!

not into the Army (altho’ I was an Army wife for several years, so that should count); I’ve been drafted to sing a duet in church on Sunday — this will only be our second Sunday attending this ward! (that’s what Latter-Day Saints, aka Mormons, call our local congregations)

frankly, I’m terrified of singing solo (or even small groups) in public; I’m much more comfortable in a choir, maybe b/c it affords a degree of anonymity…  also, I’m used to singing TENOR in church services, or alto in local choir performances (unless they’re short of tenors, but I think a lot of choir directors still think it looks a bit odd to have a woman singing tenor)…  but I’m very grateful for the last 8 mos when I served as the music conductor for both the main worship service and also the women’s auxiliary meeting in our old ward, since I felt it was more appropriate for me to sing the melody (almost always soprano) w/the majority of the congregation; that choice helped gradually expand my range again, so now I can actually hit soprano notes w/o straining (much)…  my mother (who’s the most amazing sight-reader) helped me go through the piece earlier today, and not only was she shocked that I was singing the soprano part, she was downright STUNNED (that made 2 of us!!) when I hit a high F, and without screeching, no less…!  now if I can only pull this off again in our practice on Friday AM and then again on Sunday PM when we’ll sing as special music during the main worship service…  if you’re religious, pls pray for me!  if not, pls cross your fingers, send positive thoughts and encouragement my way, whatever you do — I need all the help I can get, seeing as how it’s so hard to sing when you’re about to shake to pieces from overwrought nerves…!