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okay, as promised, here are a few quick-n-dirty pix — I’m NOT the photog; DH is, but he’s busy trying to salvage our new lawn at the moment (bought a house that had been unoccupied for several months — lawn and beds were all neglected, either overgrown and choked w/weeds or parched and turning to thatch)…  I should have GOOD pix within the next few days, but in the mean time, I thought I’d post a quick preview before this piece gets added to my website, altho’ I’ll readily admit I don’t think my amateur snaps do this necklace justice at all:

Twilight Seas layout

full layout

this shot shows the necklace in full circle, since it is a collar style…  the image is a bit washed out, sorry (the pearls are too light and the silver looks white), but this layout shows the full pattern of the necklace best…

Twilight Seas on necklace bust

necklace on bust

these colours are much more true to life, and displaying it on the bust makes it easier to see how it would lay when worn…

Twilight Seas detail

closeup detail

this shot shows the detail of the pattern in each segment…  the rings and wire are all Argentium silver, and every single rainbow moonstone drop was wrapped by hand (there are 129 of them!); the pearls are round freshwater peacock pearls w/a lovely metallic lustre; and the tiny accent beads are amandine garnets…

as I said, I don’t think my pix do this piece justice; I can hardly wait to see what my DH is able to do w/them!