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I love Autumn*! the air smells crisp, and it’s coolness is invigorating, sloughing off the heat-induced lethargy of Summer…  cool-weather clothes are fun w/their multiple layers, and I can worry less about what my feet look like in sandals and revel in a variety of closed-toe shoes, including BOOTS!  there’s something seasonally classic about knee-high boots w/tights and a knee-length skirt (esp in flannel, wool, or tweed) paired w/a sweater or turtleneck under a jacket or cardi and accented w/a scarf…  the colours of Autumn give way from Summer’s vibrant brights to rich, saturated hues, and textures evolve from light and airy to soft yet substantial…

*yes, for those who’re even more persnickety than I am, I realize that the official first day of Autumn isn’t until 22 Sep as marked by the Autumnal equinox, but the arrival of September, esp when accompanied by cooler weather, just says “Fall” to me

Autumn hails the opening of soup season (I love cold soups as well as hot ones, but I can’t get DH to eat cold soup) and oven season (I refuse to turn on my oven when outside temps are above 75°F)…  now that I have this huge kitchen w/plenty of counter space, I’m actually excited about baking cookies and brownies and biscuits and rolls and specialty breads like pumpkin chocolate chip; and I have a hand-held immersion blender (aka stick blender) on its way, so that promises to be particularly useful for homemade cream-of-whatever soups:  broccoli-cheddar, cauliflower, potato, mushroom, onion, asparagus, curried carrot — they’re all fair game now!  😉  (blending in batches is SUCH a pain)

yes, I definitely love Autumn!  ❤