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my mother’s b’day was actually yesterday – she celebrated turning 39 for the umpteenth time…  😉  we usually have my parents over for dinner on Wednesdays, so I asked her if she had any special requests re: dinner; her response was “surprise me!” so I actually prepared 3 courses, which I rarely do:  chilled cream of broccoli soup (pronounced “delicious, but better hot, unless it’s 100°F outside” and she asked for the recipe); main course of pork medallions in creamy pan sauce w/sides of herbed potatoes and sauteed green beans; dessert was vanilla bean ice cream w/berry coulis — she was surprised and very pleased, partly b/c she knows she can take rather a lot of the credit for my being a good cook…  🙂

Daddy had asked me to order a second immersion blender when I bought mine, which she was very happy to get as her b’day gift from him (we make a bigger deal out of the kids’ b’days than the adults’ in our fam, otherwise it starts to get pretty expensive); she was amazed that I got such a smooth consistency w/both the soup and the coulis using just the immersion blender, and now she’s looking for reasons/recipes to try hers.  🙂

Mum wanted to go to the Utah State Fair for her b’day, and she said they had perfect weather for it — not too warm but didn’t rain despite being a bit cloudy…  they stopped to listen to an a capella group performing there, and at one point the group leader said they were going to give away one of their CDs to the person who’s b’day was closest to that day (the 9th); Mum’s never been one for attention, so she only raised her hand about halfway, but she said Daddy was jumping up and down and pointing at her…  after finding out that Mum’s b’day was that day, the group had her come up onto the stage and they sang “Sweet 16” — all of that embarrassed the heck out of my mother, but she said it was still kinda fun; after that, people who’d been there watching the same show kept wishing her “happy birthday!” as my parents walked around the State Fair…  all in all, Mum said she had a very nice b’day, and I’m very happy for that, she certainly deserves it!  🙂