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anyone who’s following me on Twitter knows that I’ve had my car to Gregory Motors in American Fork for service TWICE in the last week, first for an oil change, then for the 15k-mi service while I had them check a couple of “service this” alerts; what I didn’t know (and didn’t know to ask) was that an oil change is incl’d as part of the 15k-mi service, otherwise I certainly wouldn’t have bothered spending the time and the money (and dealt w/the sheer inconvenience of being w/o a car all day) to have the oil changed just the week prior…  it’s not my job to keep up w/their records and make sure they don’t change my oil as part of a major vehicle service when they’d just changed the oil EXACTLY a week earlier…  I mentioned this to the service manager today, and Freddy spent all of 2 mins to walk into another part of the bldg and come back w/a stamp-filled card that was good for a free oil change!  🙂  that $30.04 value went a LONG way to stabilizing my somewhat shaky relationship w/this dealership, especially b/c less than an hour after I got my car back, the exact same “service this” warnings were back on in my car!!  I’m already annoyed that for the THIRD time in less than TWO WEEKS I’ll have to take my car to the dealership YET AGAIN, but had I felt like I’d been taken advantage of w/the oil change situation and NOT been given a credit for my next oil change, I’d be looking for another dealership to service my car, and they’d have one very upset former customer blogging about what a crummy service dept they have…  fortunately — for me AND for them — that’s not the case, and I’ll find a way to take my car into them yet again…  *sigh*