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my beautiful iMac has now been in the Apple store in SLC for 6 days now pending warranty replacement of the video card, which would intermittently and randomly black out my screen — that was a ruddy pain, but it’s been an even BIGGER pain to be w/o my ‘puter since last Saturday!!  all of my client info, supplier info, spreadsheets, docs, EVERYTHING is on my iMac, and I’m dead in the water w/o it — my businesses (all of them!) are essentially at a standstill while I’m sitting here ‘puterless (I’m writing this update from my DH’s laptop, which I actually hate using — it’s like driving someone else’s car:  it works fine, but it’s not MINE)…  as soon as the Apple store opens at 10AM, I’m gonna be on the phone trying to negotiate release of my iMac so I can get back to work (there’s only so much household stuff one can fill one’s time with during the day)…